#KeepItKosha Rap Tour 2017!

some of the 10 greatest things at ROI I had.

It never fails that I want to blog every day. I didn’t! I was too into the conference. I wanted to document every moment. I have top 10 of ROI […]

OMG – I LOVE MONDAY!! now has a music video

check out the monday anthem a few days before monday. When this thing hits you, you will be surely happy you listened to it on sunday to prepare yourself for […]

I’m at ROI in Israel Day 1

Hey guys. Im back to updating my website because I want to rock n roll with you and keep you post don everything I do, while I travel the world […]

I’m back!! Kosha Dillz reemerges with records from Northern Transmissions

Kosha Dillz discusses the most influential records in his life.

JEWS WITH BATS – Israel Baseball Team has a rap anthem

JEWS WITH BATS – ISRAEL’S WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC RAP ANTHEM! When people hear the world Israel, they think many things. Middle East. Falafel. Politics. Religion. Hebrew. But BASEBALL? Coming into […]

Kosha Dillz OY VEY USA Tour dates + NO YOU CAN’T VIDEO.

Want to see Kosha Dillz live?? Check all the dates below. Check the new video too here and his grammy performance here KOSHA DILLZ OY VEY! USA TOUR March 11 […]

top 16 things I did in 2016 – Kosha Dillz Gratitude Edition

top 16 things I did in 2016. 1. I didn’t get high or drunk once! That marks 12 years and 5 months to the date. Might be a small feat […]

51% off for the next 48 hours – black friday sale – kosha dillz

hey guys!! its time to enjoy black friday. I have joined the ranks of sales, black friday, #koshasgiving woo!! check out the sale here use password “koshasgiving” at check out. […]

8 ways to get back to work post election (via Hypebot)

been writing these for hypebot for so many years so now posting then on my site. Will keep you guys posted on my articles and all. Then will get them […]