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8 ways to get back to work post election (via Hypebot)

been writing these for hypebot for so many years so now posting then on my site. Will keep you guys posted on my articles and all. Then will get them into a book 🙂 hopefully i’ll sell them one day.

I think the time is the time. Now is the time to be more focused then ever. I have done a stark analysis and it seems that my entire Facebook friend list is unfriending each other, as well as complaining and spending a vast amount of time doing what they already feel is counterproductive. The election hangover is a strong one and while everyone has valid feelings, I am simply writing this so I don’t spend the next two weeks on internet binge where I create no music, earn no income, and find myself losing opportunity for speaking on things I have no control over.

Growing up as I have and being an artist, I specifically have friends and family on both sides for very specific reasons. It is a pleasure to create this from an impartial mind, and I write this for my friends and fam in the independent world who are stuck on the next 4 year as an artist. What does this mean for artistry? What does this mean for your personal life? What does this mean for your interaction with new agents and all…

How can we move forward and how do we do it before we fall in the blackhole of WTF? Here is some quick tips in getting back to normal.

Make some music immediately – All that talk you have on Facebook and twitter just goes under the world of white noise of other people. If you aren’t saying something besides I’m sad, you are literally preaching to the entire world your emotional status over and over again. Unless you plan on being a pungent on politics or joining it yourself, use this time to create while others are not. You have one chance to make music with a new president like this. The time is now. Check out YG and Mac Miller. Also checked out Baked Alaska. People are on both sides doing what they want.
Book a Vacation – Everyone has mentioned that they are leaving the country. Do you have your passport? Are you ready to leave? IF not that is ok. But why not leave? You should go on a trip. If the world will implode as it says so …maybe you can literally leave for a bit. You don’t even have to leave the country, but take yourself on a great trip with a friend. Look at me? I am in Israel writing this. Not many artists can say they were in a place like this during an election. I timed it perfectly.
Write a well thought out opinion piece for a local blog – If now is the time to start something new, why don’t you use your platform outside of Facebook rants. At least save it forever and get it on something local to contribute to your community. I write for hypebot for free, but I enjoy creating interesting content for musicians as such.
Help some other people become better – one of the amazing thing about addiction is that I have been in recovery from being a piece of shit for 12 years. No one wanted me anywhere and only negative things happened. Use this similar example to inspire you to help others and create better relationships in life. I always try to give time to new artists for free, and give time to people who I judge.
Donate your time to charity that you never have – For as many people who comment on the state of public affairs, ask yourself how you can do better for humanity besides commenting and engaging in debate. Maybe give yourself to a local soup kitchen or give more financial charity to the homeless. Start somewhere. What will help the world more? You talking about your new political career or you actually working on something. If you thought clinton would save the homeless, why don’t you do what she was supposed to do. Do the real. Don’t give free advice. Do something that makes you uncomfortable.
Download (2)Re-join a gym or quit smoking – I remember when 9/11 happened, I was on a huge cocaine binge at the time. I lined up to donate blood but for was unable to. I bring this up because as many people fear the end, others use it as a co-sign to forever stay in our vices. If this has gotten you to go off and protest, maybe it can also help you quit smoking or join a gym. We all need to be in great shape to survive our new president. 🙂 sometimes we spend so much time expressing ourselves, we need to get back to the physical. Remember creatives, we have a physical, spiritual , mental disease. It is called the music industry. We must be able to rise above at all costs so it doesn’t consume us!
Download (3)Create a youtube video – a Youtube video that reacts may be something that is completely necessary for you to do! Also a good way for people to heck out your music in terms of your response, by whatever that may be. Maybe this can be the start of your youtube career. Writing and recording is one thing, but getting in front of the camera and expressing yourself out loud can be awesome.
Collaborate with all- in times when we need support, maybe supporting other independents in the best thing we can do right now. If you are truly for the people, do not pass judgement and work with anyone and everyone you can. Even if you are not, force yourself to be. It ail make you happier and can help new artists get bigger. If you are an agent, take on someone young to help. If you are a manager or lawyer take time out to give advice to someone. When your walls come down, you re-shift financial thought and realize you open yourself to helping others. You can even learn something from people with different views.
The new world of politics in America is not easy to accept as many people are afraid. Acceptance is something I learned as an addict in recovery. I have this mind state to take myself outside looking in , and now I can see clear. I don’t want to be remembered by how much I got, but how much I gave.

Kosha dillz is a Billboard Charting independent musician who just performed at the Tune in TLV festival in Israel and is currently on 20 city tour with Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon. Check out his tour dates on Bandsintown and watch his Ted Talk when you can, If you like his articles, show support by buying some merch or emailing him at rapperfriends@gmail.com. His latest album can be heard here and his video with Matisyahu is always fun to watch at work .

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