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I am beginning my journey around the world. After creating music for 10+ years and having videos reach over a million views as well as my last album hit billboard charts, I realize there are different ways to engage my audience in more meaningful ways. For my core supporters, I have opened a patreon. This will be a home for all interesting things Kosha Dillz, or as many of you know me…Rami! I will travel all around Israel to perform and give customized inside looks at this, from the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea.

I will have early access to demo songs. videos, lyric sheets and private links to various forms of content from Articles I write and inspirational videos (DAILY DILLZ) to podcasts i am creating.

Topics will range from Addiction, Sobriety, relationships to anti-semitism and living in Israel, TED Talks

This is for the elite group of people that believe in the journey.
Not all of us are artists, but many of us have the opportunity to help the creation continue. That is where you come in on a monthly basis!!

I recently decided to make a project happen that consisted of me re-creating an experience in a song, production and video. I decided that If I didn’t do it, the only thing that could stop me was money. Now with Patreon, even if I don’t want to make these videos for anyone else, I will always have you. Thank you for helping me make this all happen. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible!


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