blog-16 or 17 baltimore bounce! -SONAR show prpep and home

so i landed in home base and got to see my bro Zach have his 5th wedding anniversary..its quite awesome to know hes been so married..that means i have been on the straight and narrow for over 5 years…when i went to his wedding i was quite the wild one.

SOnar is awe4some. last time iw as there..a brick was thrown through the window and me and C Rayz played there….
this time ill be there with Trevor and matisyahu..its gonna be wild..lemme tell you

BTW, arnold is so happy to see me home. being with him cheers me excited for my gonan drive back as well cool..then i gotta photo shoot for beyond race magazine and pick up all my fliers from Miko.

its freeeesh.

oh yeah we got the itunes link up now…so you cna read this cool stuff correct my spelling and then…buy the itunes album.

bong bong! – Rza

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