This movie will be hot – Entourage trailer – and my story with Ari Gold + Adrien Grenier

This is probably gonna be the new version of my original Swingers and I’m so looking forward to it. one day, I saw Jeremy Piven at Coffee Bean in LA and I figure to be the guy who needed to take the picture with him. Not only was he a dick, but he was suiting into his own character of Ari Gold in LA.

Adrien Grenier and I have had 3 encounters – 1 being sundance, 2 being Busta Rhyme show in VP and 3 being his SXSW showcase. I ‘d say I’d need to meet him about 25 more times until I work with him. I also donated 15 bucks to his lonely whale kicks tarter, which he raised $400,000 + for and I will get a digital booklet of Adrien Grenier quotes. Let’s just ssya if you heard my song hairy chest 2 hollywood, (released in 2005/2006 on vinyl) it was basically in line with everything this life style represents. My Entourage is certainly different than these guys, but hey….I’m working on it.

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