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World Points- the travelling Man wins to Travel- top 5 spots for me-TODAY

I called up my Credit Card today demanding I get refunded my late fee, which they exchange for a interest fee instead that is significantly lowered.

I have acquire 37,000 + points which entitles me to one domestic flight at 20,000 points. Therefore once I hit another 3,000 more points I can have two domestic flights, but I think I am waiting for the free flight to Israel which I totally will love.

IN times of amazing times (to travel) where are your top places to go?

1, Boulder Colorado.
Not only are the people interesting, the air is clean, the water is crisp, the girls are delish and the food is Dank (literally) I have gained so many awesome fans and friends here over the years and learned that this place has a special thing for inspiration in the art of writing rhymes.

2. San Francisco, CA
There is something in the air here that makes everything different. I’m not sure if its more of the fisherman’s wharf area and as far as tourist spots or the grimy ol’ underground bars we can play at. I did make out with a girl while staring at Alcatraz which was kinda creepy. It was kinda cool too.

3. Austin, Texas
I’d probably go here just for the people not during SXSW. I totally met awesome people here and the Texas sun reminds me of death, in a lively sort of way. Epoch coffee is to die for, and I adore seeing my homey sean every year during South By and I let his cat out the house by mistake and chase it around for like an hour and then we share stories of Effed up relationships we are in…

4. Minneapolis, MN
Ok. Even though Randall Cunningham eventually came here and all, I met parallax here and it was the sickest time so f culture shock ever. THe biggest mall in the world became home to marijuana plants growing in there fro two years, and the 5th element record store is the purpose for all of current underground hip hop. They also have great coffee shops and I’m still on the email list for the “green” store next to 5th element. They make postcards out of old paperback book covers. ‘Nuff said right there.

5. Burlington VT
The essence of hippy can be captured at the show but there is a good feeling playing up here 5 hours from home and being able to meet tons of people from NJ. That shows the unity my lovely state has far away and represent. To top it off it has some cute jewish girls that are mountainous and that is like any jewish rapper’s icing on the cake, or at least mine. Memories of Killington, Vermont and Smuggler’s Notch, and sold out Matisyahu shows and meeting people on the street to sleep at their house, this is what Vermont is all about.

Well, the top 5 spots today are places i would love to be. Mind you, tomorrow they will definitely change. I can’t believe I did not put in Cape Cod ( I feel like going there, never have been) and I also should put in LA/ San Diego way before San Fran I think, but hey, thats it for this blog.

Have cheery day guys!

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