VIdeo from Pittsburgh with raving chicago rants!

HEY GUYS..ME AND FLEX SCORED AN amzgin couch last two nights.the best sleep since the hotel in pittsburgh.

oh man…But i peeled off some dead skin form my foot that has been superbly demolished by the dry air and it hurt..anyways…different story

flex is rapping in the bathroom…and I am on the couch bloging..and we are by a fireplace with our homegirl bridget

I tried to sell her a cd at a gas station last year in austin…
our homie knowledge build got this video up of me doing the “fill in the blank ” freestyle and I really want you guys to be part of it…

we played an empty venue last night but it was still awesome..Reggie’s was a great spot and we got some fun times with Rude Punch, who actually is form Davenport Iowa. We might play there..hey!!’d be suprised how much weird stuff and weird places we play (hence why I am weird)

but never the less…its me three dogs a fireplace and flex rapping in the bathroom..We did good for ourselves.. we made 10 bucks off the door. (my al time low was three dollars at the jackpot saloon in lawrence kansas)

gotta love it..I live for this grind.

see you guys later..

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