On tour


Hey wow outside the village inn, this dog really scared me. Just wanted to let you know I’m human, and after pancakes, rapperfriends still get scared.

Yep. Scarey lats to scarety raps..next stop…denver!


Hey man…how awesome is this
A door man is priceless, until he gives away all the money to everyone else except us. Ha. It worked out though. I’m back stage with input and kickin it..so hey…why not get some input.

Why colorado?
Born and raised that’s why. I don’t anything else.

Well hey that was my first interview

http://www.myspace.com/inputhiphop . But that’s not his picture..


Word. This is what I’m talking about. Random dudes at the diner I pass my flier too…we are at tom’s diner…they have passwords for the bathroom..

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