what sup yall.

I had the privledge last night of going out to the spot of chilling @ south paw for CMJ.

Super phenomenon cats U-N-I, who supposedly won some award were not only one…cool as hell..but two..talented as hell (and we all know the talent of “hell”)

they also had a nice girl fan presence (or atleast they became fans) and some cool characters rolling with them. Vimby was totally in the house filming so im Happy that they got the hook ups. shout to Ann the fly camera superwo-man.

I met mibbs from PAcific Division and told him about the clothing line i used to wear called pacific ocean….but i think he thought i was crazy…and I then…i realize now its pacific sunwear


whata dope time…the LA cats stole the show. From what I see as performers.

I also met Folk and Stress…yeah man…these kids gotta positive head on thier hsoulders and are not afraid to admit that they like the other artists in the scene.
I think thats cool. But hey, I ofcourse only know whats cool.

buy my new album and buy everyone elses too.
but you can defintely buy my stuff off i tunes for now…good look finding the link:)


kosha dillz

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