how about a poem (part 2) MY FACE

Sitting on the recliner couch in my house changing the channel of the mouse.
before computers and space quarks saurkraut and
dwarfs and battle axes from gauntlet calm quick
i am the bomb kid
diffuse me.
dinner table life with the labtop and sock drawer of the white rock/
10,000 dollars in my closet yeah the shoebox. shoveling snow oh on the contrare/
i work steps like fat people work non fat blueberry muffins. (do you care?)
never ever to the 4th power like kanye
this poem is offcourse but I listen to everything my mom say, sometimes
when im on tour i think of all the drugs i sold and imagine if they were cds id be famous.
but i was too messed up to record then, i wasnt even straight enough to go to court then I only had like four friends

mom aba arnold and myself
my bros disgraced my tounge no taste
no one else. but me, my body, my mirror
and my face.

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