tour is over…and there is plenty to talk about.

ok people.
this is it. its over. TOUR. its done finnito.finished. Ga-marti!
it was ____
amazing, awesome, emotional, monumental, magnificent, eye-opening,life-changing, experimental!!

we played with everyone from kevin Devine and Trevor hall, 30 seconds to Mars to The Used, Cage the Elephant, Tim Williams and Travis Mccoy of gym Class Heroes and most importantly; every night with Dub Trio and Matisyahu ( with Aaron Dugan and Rob Marscher)

You have not experienced tour till you work with the TM who has the mobile office, the merch people who have their own companies in just selling merch, 20 people crews, 4 pm load ins, two tour buses, and you’re tailing them. Its definitley the way to shoot up and aim if you wanna play big.

here are some great videos that go with the cool “work hard and grind” statements I give…

if you dont work hard, you’ll be “another bag of bones”

if it takes long for you to find me… ill probably be there by the lime tree..

if im not by the lime tree i might be on a space ship to mars…it’ll take 30 seconds. on a bicycle, with kings and queens

and yes one day, one day

it’ll all be perfect.

but for now Im happy with the way things, and I’m not gonna worry. Just ask Bobby.

Sop for all you out there having a great time in your life…or not…and going through it…remember that there are sometimes you cna play for big crowds…some times small…but as long as there is one other person to listen, I can share the good times and bad…through music and through conversation. Its the same thing anyways:)

speaking of “DWBH” Bobby says “ill give you my number”. What would it be without a funny joke. Hey look …i even got pranked…
how bout a good laugh..??

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