blog 5 (i think) USA tour with Des mOines IA-dont pronouNCE the s!!

whats up guys..yesterday was the smallest show…Myk the TM was in his hometown and got some awesome time with his wife who was very cool…Not so used to meeting everyone who actually does this for a living living. Likea real living. Like that actually have real lives!
Buyt its something to aspire to do and im not really gonna stop until im there.

When your with some really amazing musicians you begin to rise to the occasion..its sort of like a trip to israel, where they say you are on the rise to the holy land.

Last night, ina sweaty steamy place with less people, i always seem to do better. I linked up in a very angry way, (maybe becuase I didint eat) BUT i SWEAR IT ALL WENT WITH THE QUICKNESS!! i sold a whole box of cds…and I was very happy about that!!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, i LEARNED TO LINK UP WITH AGUY WHO REALLY APPRECIATES YOU. tHIS GUY MUSTVE SOLD ME 20 CDS TO ALL HIS FRIENDS. More importantly I signed his guitar. Now I have never even played a ghitar and he told me to sign his guitar. I felt very it isguitarsigned

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