39 things I did by my 39th birthday.

Here are 39 things I have done as. Rami and Kosha Dillz…collectively.

some links for you …from me!

1. I got detained in UK on my 29th B day and deported to Hamburg

2. I snuck into rock the bells in DC and performed (5 days later) and then got invited to Rza’s house to record a song…and Kool G Rap showed up at 4 am with a bottle of Hennessy from Pennsylvania.
3. Played red rocks twice with Matisyahu and got kicked out once after selling my merch illegally.
4. Gave B.O.B. A kosha dillz shirt to wear in the Czech Republic festival. He wore it. He later on became a flat Earther.
5. Played my first Europe show in a parking lot with a Polish DJ at 5:30 am in Hradec Kralove, CZ
6. Won the hot 97 rap battle in front of 5000 people and my first record deal…then playing Sumer Jam the year after right before J Cole.
7. Stage dived at the electric factory in Philadelphia and was dropped on the floor while hitting a child with a microphone.
8. Street performed in Hollywood Blvd and met Roman Atwood and Vitaly vlog and got 1 million + views
9. Got on stage with Asher Roth in SXSW and was thrown off by Bouncer before performing.
10. Got hit by a car in Austin and performed before Phantogram in an empty parking lot.
11. Bumrushed Gary Vaynerchuk’s SXSW keynote with flex Mathews and rapped in a Q n A portion in front of 1000 people.
12. Became a playable character in NBA 2k11 with 5 million games sold and met the guy at the Scoot Inn passing out my old show posters. He said “I know you lost the contest but would you like to be a playable character? ” YES. Then I picked to the two Jewish players of the league for Attributes Omri Caspi and Jordan Farmar and had the worst balding basketball player attributes in the game but could still dunk at 5 foot 8.
13. Followed Matisyahu to Hawaii and got caught in a tsunami warning with Flex Mathews
14. Got hit by a car on my bike while riding home from having a rental car. Twice!
15. Got arrested and jumped on by 4 police officers last June at a BLM protest (my 4th set of handcuffs)
16. Met Macaulay Culkin and a gay bear bar in Austin and got invited to rap with him about pickles and pizza. Today is his birthday also. All Respect to the Mac!
17. Played Ping Pong with Rza in Bellingham Washington at Wild Buffalo.
18. Danced the Hora with Dave Bautista at my Hannukah clothing drive at the Mercury Lounge NYC.
19. Tried to sell Bridget a cd in a parking lot and gave it to her free and it was her birthday (we have the same one) 1 year apart. No we besties.
20. Rode a bike from Auschwitz to Krakow (65 KM) and performed for nearly 1000 people at a 19th-century synagogue.
21. Did a TEDx talk in Krakow Poland about Freestyle Rap for a bunch of people who didn’t speak English?
22. Got to open for Snoop Dogg in Tilburg, Netherlands and he didn’t show up …so I kept rapping for an extra 30 minutes until he did!
23. Started beef between slaughterhouse vs wu tang while freestyling about them at paid dues 2009 to liven the crowd up…oy!
24. Performed at a former Nazi airfield with Matisyahu on a 2016 summer tour… and ended up the freestyling with ASAP Rocky in Belfort France.
25. I performed a rap show at my brothers Gym before driving across America in Edison NJ
26. I got caught “moving” a television from an abandoned restaurant with my friend when I was 12 and we didn’t know how the TV got there
27. I got surgery on my left ear 3 times and 2 times on the right ear from wrestling. The Joys of cauliflower ear.
28. Played Coachella 2019 on Sunday after dancing with Kanye West and all his dancers at Sunday Survive.
29. Created the viral seder “Matzahchella” – the world’s first and only Passover seder at Coachella in 2016.
30 My name was included in the first paragraph of Eminem’s “come back” cover article in Billboard Magazine.
31. Gave Ed Sheeran a copy of Beverly Dillz while he was wasted… after meeting Taylor Swift and saying “hi Taylor, I’m Kosha”…
32. Rapped outside the Grammys since I couldn’t get a ticket and met Weird Al Yancovic and signed up for a car survey. I ended up making $50,000 and being in a Chevrolet commercial.
33. Bought a ticket to the Paralympic games in 2012 London and performed at the China vs Turkey wheelchair basketball quarterfinals. I also performed in the Coca-Cola Beat Box tube
34. Showed up to play a tour in London with Rza who didn’t show up and convinced the promoter to give me 15 minutes in front of 1000 people with nowhere to sleep
35. Rapped in Bristol UK for a solo show and a guy dropped his pants butt naked and threw his junk all around, scared everyone away…and I kept rapping.
36. Got booed off stage by 500+ people while opening up for 112 at Rutgers University.
37. Went to my friend’s house to record some “rap vocals” for a friend and it ended up being Sexy w/ Kaskade and hit over 1 million streams in 3 months.
38. kissed a gal on the mountain during Summer Solstice broad daylight in Alaska.
39. Recorded a song on $50 mic at Love’s rest stop in a $12 dollar bathroom that collectively generated me over $100,000 from a Superbowl commercial.

extra credit: Subbed in for Riff Raff in 2015 Vans Warped Tour Camden NJ in front of 2000 people when he got stuck getting cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.

extra extra credit: Arrived at the scene of Har Nof Jerusalem terror attack (less than 36 hours after) in 2014 after being hacked by ISIS online just 2 weeks earlier…, and interviewed one of the first responders about what happened.

most extra credit ever: Tried to give Suge Knight my album in a coffee bean parking lot in Beverly Hills with Flex Mathews..and got screamed at while he was hanging with his daughter. He is now in prison for 28 years for manslaughter.

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