STILL ON MTV, VH1, and having fun in LA blog

so we are in la and we are having the time of our life…its always fubn to be in beliefs studio, we slept at a crazy crib last night with our homie bishop and his lady dominique ashley in long beach playing a show at the basement!

ok now.

…so we are with belief and this is our take on

free music

1.if its free, people might not think its worth.
2. I cant spend money on something and give it away for free entirely because I do this as my livelihood
3. if i give away all my albums, I give it away now? no im not red hot chilli peppers.
so thats the red hot chili pepper thing.

ok this blog is out of here…but no red hot chill pepper rap., although I do love them and it is ok from time to time.

its a wrap. You can purchase BEVERLY DILLZ on itunes for very cheap btw!!

gut shabbos! shabbat shalom…yeah!

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