LA ish UPDATE on the album, shows, etc

you thionk I m having fun in lA?
well I am. I have been taking meeting with fmaous people like Ari Gold, hustling with various Major Labels peeps interested int eh DIllz, and knocking out classic songs for the rap world and pop world. Ofcourse, I rep Israel all day on a China Dish and eat the veggies plus KOsher Food when Available. SHout out to Rabbi Yonah so far and Im also in las Vegas tomrrow so you know it’ll be a fun filled trip of extravagant convenience store goodies.
Any suggestions of great convenience store goodies?

let me know!

I gotta hit some meetings early today to keep this sanity going.

But check the schedule so far while im In LA

Nov 1 SIlver Lake Lounge w/ Eyes Lips Eyes
nov 5 AIrliner w/ Keith Murray
Nov 6th w Pete Rock, CL Smooth, George Clinton, X Clan @ One Nation Summit
Nov 8th Honeypot Radio live performance
Nov 11 TBA San Diego
Nov 12 TBA LA
Nov 13 TBA LA


Nov 29- Moldo w/ 2mexi Strasbourg Fr
Dec 5- NY to Paris Festival Elysse Montmartre Paris, FR
Dec 9- Abbey Pub Chicago, IL

ok gotta go guys. gotta go. What up with yall?

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