icon the mic yid and-jew hawk/fros

yeah man we keeps it crazy tight on this bliggity blog with icon the mic king hitting me on the other line…so anyways..i had just posted something cool about peeps with Jew fros and Poison pen made great combination with jew fros for the shot.

so here is my buddy icon staring at the lovely Yarah Bravos Jew fro ( i am so jealous..she is super fly) with a sick puffy poofy hair on stage.

anyways…im frowing it out to on some napoleon dynamite style…but my jew hawk aint all that…

so below check out some great hairdoos (is that spelt right) of some great rappers that make lots of underground rap money, worldwide.

“super model work..turn to the left..work…do you thing on the runway–shante shante!”–ru paul
maybe some more look a likes??

a Halloween Jew fro with bling star of david pictured above while straight haired Blondie girl looks in awe..

i gotta say I’m not sure how icon the mic king came into this appraised and beloved article, but I see that his attachement to he culture of how yarah bravo got her fro in to a Jew fro blog with not much to show for Jew fros definitley deserves a link.

free autographs to all your jewfros at the next Icon the Mic Yid show in your city

PS..he is also known as Icon the Mic King. and ofcourse check out the lovely yarah bravo

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