8 years since 9/11–what is different for me now and how you can make it different for you


ok so i d like to rave and rant and give you all something about the 8 years that have passed…i was actually in my apartment for my junior year of college at Rutgers and was woken up in a complete blur.

at that time in my life i was simply out of control to say the least, and clearly remembered ordering a california cheeseburger on a daily basis after being incapacitated.
Although I was excited not to have class on 9/11/2001 i wasn’t going to attend class anyway…that day..or any other day of the semester. I did wish to give blood at the local hospital only to find out what I already knew, my blood was no good. No matter how much I tried to do i was caught in a grip of my own terrorism.

I wanted to continue being active in school but i literally fell off, facing a “case” and basically spent 9/11 at the bar in PLum Street pub watching tv and getting wasted.

A horrible time ,a horrible tragedy, please remember to reflect on the day and tell those you love that you love them, for our freedom within our own prisons and the freedom our soldiers fight for do not come for free.

Cherish this day and be grateful, because no matter how good we got it, one day can change the entire world. The least we can do is make sure we do not go down the wrong path for there enough problems we have to deal with fo rbe ing who we are, lets take that step together.

I am proud to be an american today.

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