tough times in the life of me–and my coffee cup


after a latte and a break up of my natural sugar
I wanted to take a picture of my coffee cup which was actually filled witha latte. I have been sick, root canaled, loved, cry babied out, hugged, adored and take care of, although I currently feel flat like matzah bread (old rap line)
im tryin to round out the good things and keep trucking for my values are important to me. I don’t know why G dash D put me here guys but sometime i feel liek i write these posts to special people. Certain people you dont pay any mind, but other people you do:)
Im really grateful to experience love but unfortunately, I am quite drained since I returned home from tour.
I have made an early stop into the Brewed Awakening, only to realize I need a refill. The good thing is that there will always be **someone I love to pour me another cup.
ANyways–poetic blogs rule…I feel really inspired right now!

** note- I might not actually love the coffee pourer person but I just want to know that…there is no cup of coffee like the first cup.IN actuality If you might prefer mochas (which i do ) or lattes…thats cool

ps. This picture denotes an empty Latte, not coffee nor mocha. thank you

Shottymike and the madheads are a band I met while typing this at the brewed

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