DAY 2/3 SXSW blog- come see 10 great things since Gary Vee.

I got all ready for sxsw including waiting fora drum set being denied…being pulled and being granted, and meeting all new great peoples. I got to hang out with some great people and more importantly so an immediate return on current work.

how about some pictures…of great acts.

1. well let me firs tell you that we played with SO -Called at the YOUTUBE and VH1 party.

2. I atea brownie left over in my rental from my drummer that was half eaten.

3. I met a girl…, who took my flier.

4. Killah Priest can radnomly be seen on the street with Rza’s brother, 9th Prince.

5. i jumped into a rap cypher on the street with a guy playing bukets.

6. Saw Yelawolf and Grieves play a show. Yelawolf is incredibly dope.

7. I rapped with Homeboy Sandman and then took a peddy cab to see K Flay, all while finding out my musc can end up on Entourage by this guy.

8. I guy told me he runs the ABA, I was like “you aint my daddy.”:

9. laura gave mea drum set and only charged me to hold a liscense.

10. While hanging out in SXSW, I have a remix contest going on and I keep telling people I forgot about my remix conest, but telling them that if they win Ill take them out on tour.

:”:L- bonus- Edwin from Melkweg in Amsterdam stopped by to see me at my lyricist lounge showcase.

despote all the debauchry and debacle, will do the same thing abou the
i hope at some point I can give youa hug. xo xo

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