vermont maple syrup and rapping bugs??

Oh yes…I just seen a bug outside by the table and managed to catch it while i was thinking about this rapper I know from Vermont. Which makes you wonder…

what am I doing with this friggin bug!

anyways…back to Vermont maple syrup and rappers
no wait i gotta eat some of this dead bug my dead bug collection of bug nuts!

SO NOW..that I am all tasty and ready to represent on your Jewish asses, check out this Vermont maple syrup rapper. One..he is Jewish. Two he is from NJ ( i think or NY) and he doesn’t sound like he is from VERMONT (NOT a BAD THING IF YOU DO)

He tours to other weird places like New Hampshire and MAssa-Jew-setts and Jew York and Jew jersey even.

Now that I ate all these bugs and I’m listening to his music…i guess I’m feeling a little “BUGGED OUT.”

regardless he has a mix tape with this black guy who is really Jewish..On and On..
and it has a guy named Planet Asia on it.

Bugs, Vermont Rappers, maple syrup, Jewish black DJs, and the planet is now only Asia.

what does it all mean? in the words of pee wee Herman. “I DOOOOOOOOOONT KNOOOOW!”
well it certainly is all exciting. like eating bugs!

check out the inspiration to this post.

that means growth till death
goblins talk dirka
gary tags danny
gefiltafish team dish
gong tuna diver
google tony danza

okok…you get the point!!! you can buy his CD at this store

if you want to BUG OUT with Kosha Dillz, check him at these sites with cool bug like music..with a sweet Vermont maple syrup taste of his style. check him out by clicking on his links below!

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