15 awesome ways I crushed it in 2015

Hey Dillzionaires.

Somethings I can’t believe I did in 2015. There are some things that are awesome in life and 2015 was one of them. Most of the stuff is actually more personal, but there are some amazing DIY stuff I did that was like epic. I am trying to be grateful . I also want to let you know all the stuff that matters to me and things I earned. It is a interesting list. I am not honestly thrilled about it. I wish I did more. That is just my perfectionist 🙂

1. Vans Warped Tour was epic.
OK. I performed on Vans Warped Tour 2015 for 41 dates and lived in a tour bus for two months with my best friend. It was epic and I got really tan and earned a lot of fans 🙂 I even filled in for Riff Raff on the one day he didn’t show up and rapped for thousands of people in Camden NJ.

2. Sundance Film Festival was EPIC
I went to Sundance Film Festival and made a music video with my boy Ed that starred Louie Lombardi who was in all these awesome films and Sopranos. This year I got music in a official Sundance select of 2016 called The Skinny.

3. I went to Israel to play a festival with Kevin Lyman

I ended up going to Israel with Kevin Lyman, the creator of Warped Tour, to play the Tune in TLV festival. one day we were throwing rocks in Mt. Shasta. I had an idea. I sent an email to the guy in Israel. Next thing you know, we were in Tel Aviv!!

4.I became healthy
Lost 20 pounds in the gym – joined a hiking group (Cobra Fitness Club) and made lots of new friends in Real life, like Ali Spagnola.

5. I performed outside the Grammys and got a Commercial
Supporting my friend Jesse Shatkin on his 3 grammy nominations, I ended up landing a national commercial with Chevrolet after a guy took a pic of me and gave me 10 bucks for a cd. That paid me more than anyone for being at the Grammys that night. Could you believe it? It only happened because my Grammy ticket was rejected and I wanted to support my dude on the win and humbled myself to doing some weird thing like rapping on the street for people with tuxedos. It looked like this.

6. I went with My Mom and Great Aunt to Poland
I went to Poland to research my family and go to the Concentration Camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau. We went to Warsaw and Krakow. It was an amazing time to be alive, since so many relatives are not. I also recorded a song about the Holocaust and recorded a video in the Krakow Ghetto with Ed. This will come out in 2016 on International Holocaust Day (january 27th)

7. I recorded a New album! You think you would hear more about it, but nothing has come out since then. It is called What I Do All Day and Pickle. Not any of the songs have been released yet but it is some of my most beloved work yet to date. It will come out in 2016. It features Ida Hawk, Nina Dioz, Flex Mathews, Flynt Flossy from Turquoise Jeep, and production from YUC Beats, Ski Beatz, Curtiss King, and Jesse Shatkin. I also did a 10,000 kickstarter to help. It surely did help!

8.Hella shows and more shows and more shows and more gigs
I played a total of 67 recorded shows but also street performed a lot as well. In each of those shows, including 41 of the warped tour shows, I met amazing people, shook tons of hands, and shared the stage with my biggest supporters…TURQUOISE JEEP!. I also got a booking agent. Eva from Fatabooking! She is bomb. Hit her up and tell her how proud you are of me (eva@fatabooking.com)

9. I got my own Apartment and my own office (kinda)
Growing up takes years and years and years. Now it is sort of official. I am a grown up. I have my own place. I am ready to take on the world with working (emailing people about stuff and calling them) and creating hella dope music and living in my place and having a couch and a cleaning lady and I might even get a girl-friend too ( I mean shit I even pay taxes! This is real guys!!)

10. I curated my own SXSW official Event! OY VEY!

It is difficult to do your own thing in life. I created my own thing. I did it all by myself. I made Shabbat at SXSW and also did OY VEY! where I had acts come from Israel to play alongside Gangsta Boo and Murs and Congo Sanchez for an epic event. It was 5 people away from capacity at one time and it was my first taste at organizing something. I mean I’m not so organized so this was important.

11. I wrote and performed at Billboard offices

I did two op-ed pieces for billboard about anti-semitism and the attacks on paris. Writing is important to me and you can read those pieces by clicking here (anti-semitism) and here (paris). besides that, I also did a office performance at Billboard. It was really cool to do this and I was pumped beyond all means.

12. I finally got in a Hollywood movie called …. Scumbag
Being an actor is a pretty cool thing. I am not an actor. Im a rapper. but making it into film is something I wanna do, and I am pumped that this will be coming out in 2016. Ofcourse, the movie is called Scumbag, but don’t worry…it is not about me 🙂 It does also feature the singer from Fishbone and Ron Jeremy.

13. I lit a Menorah made out of Pipes with Spectre’s 007 Villain Dave Bautista

Big up to Jonah’s Pipe Works and Rejews.org which was also featured at the White House Hannukah Party! You never know who you meet in this journey, and in my history, the most unlikely connections of weirdos are always the best. It was really special for Dave to come thru the Hannukah party and experience lighting the Menorah. OfCourse, We gave Flex Mathews a bar mitzvah and dance the hora! Watch the video here.

14 I stayed Clean off Drugs and Alcohol for over 11 Years

It is not anything insane to me, but I like to share this. Years ago, I was broken and spiritually ripped hustling drugs in the times when people didn’t post pics of their drug use because they didn’t want to get incriminated. I know that times have changed, but drugs and alcohol haven’t at all. I wouldn’t be able to have anything I have today without that, so I figure to let you know that. It is the basics that keep me grounded, so let us just know that everywhere you see me int he streets or around the world doing the crazy random ish I do…I am never drunk. I am never high. I am always fly.

15.THE RAP GAME – I grossed over my financial goals $$$$$
It isn’t over yet, but I have become the guy that feel victim to the words “oh atleast you’re living your dreams.” It isn’t my dream to perform on the street just yet, but I am figuring out my way to the top. Rapping is the vehicle right now, but anyway I can help people is awesome. After the commercial and warped tour and some other gigs, I really think I hit my financial goal. I know for sure I did. I hit my gross over it, but I never in my life thought 6 figures would be possible. Next year I am trying to make a million dollars. If I I fall short, I hope it is only at most my 50 percent, which would leave me with half a milly. If you have any ideas of how I can make more impact on the world, help people, and save some cash for a rainy day when I meet a total Jewish babe and make totally Jewish babies. If you have any ideas or gigs, just email me rapperfriends@gmail.com I don’t type this to brag, but I need to put it out there that you too can make some money doing wanna do. I might not have the best job, but I sure as hell ain’t gotta Desk job!!

Thanks for reading this long ass post. I had to do it more for myself so I remember in the years to come what I did this year.

I’d like to thank my family and all my people I have met along the way that encourage me to keep going. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

Honorable mentions: Meeting a guy who booked BB KING for 1500 bucks last night, street performing on Halloween for over 1000 total periscopers, meeting Taylor Swift and saying “hey Taylor I’m Kosha”.

See you tomorrow at Big Bear, 1st show of the year!!

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