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Yom Hashoah. – So Many People


It is weird that I want to do other things today but I must post about this. We can never forget. Wee can never ever stop posting about this. Screaming about it. Fighting for our memories which have been robbed from us. Our entire families perished and  we never got to meet them. Generations of our family have been lost and I want to  def make it a point to push to post outside of Y0m Hashoah and International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Yesterday my friend Adam Swig and I hosted 5 Holocaust survivors on Clubhouse with his non profit Value Culture

After 14 hours of hosting, we heard the 3 am EST sirens hit at 10 am in Israel.  It was a really emotional thing to hear them with 250 other people on clubhouse and also  let others know. It. was the all we ew what to do . After 14 hours, over 10,000 people had come to hear Holocaust Survivors. tell their story Women and Men.  Some who were child survivors and some who were resistance fighters that blew up Nazi trains.  Each one has a different story. Different message. Different experience. We all come together to fight bigotry and hatred and honor our people.

W can’t fight in modern day time. All we can do is be proud be loud and be unapologetically who we are. For me that is a jewish artist…a rapper…a creator. A honorable human who is a good representation of Jews when it comes down to it.


Thx for being here and reading this. I hope to be posting more meaningful stuff so stay tuned. Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Hazikaron are coming up.









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