Tour Blog 2: Dilly Daily – I am stealing a Pillow in Boise

Its early and the night is getting earlier?
I dunno what that means. Im chatting with my producer of my newest album Belief, who is out in Stockholm now writing pop songs and probably getting into long distance relationships as we speak (lolz). I am headed off to Montana today to rock n roll with Big Sky. Its gonna be a shorter drive than the Ass Carnival of yesterday. It was like 10 hrs plus 1 hr break plus 1 hr of losing time to the MTN time zone. (the mountain time zone).

Regardless or not , We are all headed back to the time zone of normalcy (pacific) the next day so I will regain a step lost. The pathfinder is still kicking which is great and Im proud of some really weak quarter mile runs at rest stops to keep my blood flowing.

I dont wanna let any one down or let you think I am a thief but I am currently stealing a pillow from a hotel.

I am completely against stealing but I do think that I need comfort for my back while I drive and the pain is agonizing so i have decided to steal the pillow from this hotel. I do not wanna mention the hotel which I am stealing from , but once again I hope you dont hold it against me ya’ know?

If you are in Boise, make sure you go to Pie Hole. I had two pieces of Pizza here and it is amazing. No really. Its pretty damn good.

Im looking forward to officially stealing the pillow after I get done blogging this Baruch hashem.  But yeah,  yesterday was too stiff with it and its time to step up my rap life.


gottta go. Its time to drive to my frist time at Big Sky Montana.


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