DIY DILLZ #1 – 5 ways to make it work when you are sick

5 ways to make it work when you are sick

Feeling off, like you’ll never be on again?
Here are a couple things to do to make your time go by quicker, feel better, and maybe even earn future pay ahead while you stay in bed.

I’m currently sun burn beyond belief. I’m literally incapable of moving and using my mom’s iPad to write this. My computer was stolen on tour and I’m still waiting for my new one.
With all that being said, I can still rock it!

1. Don’t be so cranky. Be grateful!
Garner up some energy and call someone to ask them how they’ re doing. If you can’t do that send them a text! They’ll appreciate it for sure and positive vibes will help. I know that doesn’t sound ideal , but you’ll be surprised how much better it feels to ask others that question, rather than getting it asked to you.

2 Try to do some writing.
Maybe lyrics will come out different . Performances are different for sure! Your next hit might be right here. If you can think a bit, try to do some writing/brainstorming for just eight minutes at a time.

3. Treat yourself. Don’t cheat yourself.
All the traveling , performing , and late hours may have hurt you while you didn’t realize it. Maybe take a spa day? Get some ice cream or order pizza delivery. Make sure you tell the pizza guy , spa girl, ice cream kid that you’re sick and give em’ a cd and your music links. Instead of sleeping on a floor , get a nice hotel and grab a bed. Don’t be cheap to yourself.

4. Do a Facebook / twitter contest.
The winner of “The person who leaves the best idea of how to have fun when I’m sick ” contest wins a merchant package and VIP tickets to next show in their city. Artists and bands are human too. Let them know from bed while you on your phone that life sucks right now and it’s up to you (the fans) to make it better.

5 Rest!
If completely necessary , sleep the entire day away. Lots of rest will only revitalize you. Make sure you take a hot shower or bath. Feeling and being clean is a great way to uplift your spirits.

Extra credit: Netflix

I’m gonna go be sick now, watch ducky dynasty, game of thrones and tweet some classic links.

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