Story Project – after school program in South Central LA

i had beautiful experience rocking out with the homies and homegirls (dillzionaires and dillzionettes) here. i played a gig with So Called at the LA JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have found my way to doing this.
and currently rocked out enough awesomeness to book a gig with with Todd Felderstein, who introduced me to the story project. I have been able in two short classes to connect to kids in South Central Los Angeles and rock out with them in a after school program. I teach them rhymes, poetry, freestyling and more. Its important to give back to our youth. They are the future! Especially ones who need the help!

you can support them in their quest to get a grant from PEPSI here by voting.
inspire a student, vote for The Story Project NOW! click this link

check the pics and enjoy it!! share it with your friends!!

not only am I teacher, but my shirt says shalom and it looks like i do push-ups too!

Yeah above me in this pic, i break it all down.

kosha Dillz rocks the gymnasium like woah. I do doo doo my thing !

hope you can all check out the story project online. the freshest after school literacy program for at risk youth.

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