kosha dillz and DITC, UNI, EPMD, mac lethal grieves—more?

yo man sometimes you gotta be all smiles…great shows are great but when you kick it with great rappers at the great shows…that make it better

Im all happy for it man. Im havent blogged for a while but after I end up booking myself for some sick shows…it always make me say..hey…i love blogging..lemme remind yall I’ve been here for aminute. and the grind is starting to pay off!!

anyways..EPMD and DITC—whata privledge to go to 2 show slike this back to back in the nyc (sunday and monday)

and i got to be on stage at both of them!!

Big L


lord finesse

diamond d

psycho les of the beatnute

folk and stress UNI

(not I am not homeis with DITC EPMD–but parish smith is cool as hell and some whack dude that rolled with DIAMOND D totally blocke dme from gettin his math–his distant cousin who writes songs for chrsitan aguiliera stunt double or something)

i jsut realized whileim typing thisblog..i need to be going to the mac lethal show..with grieves..and soulcrates…

wow…what aweird blog..uni–epmd..ditc—mac lethal..grieves…

thi is not typical..these are just the shows im going too!!

see yall soon…stay tuned!

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