live at Le Poisson Rouge NYC recap

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You can only imagine the awesomeness of a show!!! Shout out to over 200 heads in the the Building last night at Le Poisson Rouge. We made it to a huge amount of people via hand to hand and facebook appeal , phone calls and text messages.

Lots of heavy hitters in the house via hip hop superstardom.

Shabaam Sadeeq, Dave Dar of the Bamboo Brothers, Tes Uno, Kyle Rapps, Bekay, Miko Graphics, Cyn City, C Rayz Walz, Y Love, Describe, Yams, Matt Diamond, Mike Sheffer, Adina Robins, Dugans Martinez, Diwon, Shemspeed Rob Karoly, Hayley + Friends, DJ Skane + Jay Dub, and some very special someones were in the crowd…oy.
I just cant tell you how awesome it was. Also a big shout to Adina Robins, my new flute player. Welcome her to the family.

word up:)

Looking forward to seeing you at the next show!!

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