10 great things Kosha Dillz did in 5782

**10 great things in the year 5782**

1. I stayed sober during the year. That is cool Now I have 18 years clean and sober!
2. I ran 2 marathons. One in November and One in the summer in Brooklyn. November I’ll run in NYC
3. I have a lovely relationship. Love is in the air. That is new for me.
4. I ended up on a VH1 television show after performing on the street. I literally did one season and got picked up for 2 more!!
5. I made a viral Hanukkah song with Nissim Black that got airplay on z100 and hot97 and even featured Gary Vaynerchuck.
6. I started writing a television show a series script. We wrote a pilot!
7. I got to travel to Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, France for music this year
8. I went to Portugal for….get this…VACATION! (with my gal) (_hustlers need some time off haha_)
9. Rapped with Fat Joe in a rainstorm and it got over 10 million views on the internet!
10. Variety did a whole feature on me and it showcased all my success! wow! READ HERE

Anything I miss ??

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