Wednesday Friends Day! New @Matisyahu and @bigwax Videos – Check em out!

THought of a clever thing today Dillzionaires. Friends Day … Wednesday! Every wednesday, I can share with you some videos from my friends. The first is Wax, this one’s on me. The 2nd is Matisyahu Reservoir.
Both different videos in their own right. I really love both of them! Wax’s joint is a feel good set closer for the end of the day. Just get out there and buy someone coffee next time you see them. That’s right. This one is one me!

Matisyahu’s joint is a little bit more intense. I’m excited about the visuals and sound. Akeda is one of my favorite albums of his and the sound is always progressive.

Looking forward to their upcoming albums that are coming out this month. Stay tuned yo!

One love,


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