Kosha Dillz ft. Ballyhoo! – Back n Forth – off the new album Nobody Cares Except You

Fresh off raising over $20,000 with a Kickstarter for his new LP Nobody Cares Except You, Kosha Dillz is releasing the first single of his tprojec Back n Forth ft. Ballyhoo! on July 27th. The song describes the struggle in balance with a 90s hip hop meets punk mentality of the industry versus artistry, and is produced by Howi Spangler, lead vocalist of Ballyhoo!. His past full length album What I Do All Day and Pickle from 2016 featured the likes of Matisyahu and Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep and debuted on 6 different Billboard charts. Self Released through his Oy Vey! imprint in conjunction with Soulspazm , Kosha Dillz has been a mainstay in the music scene curating his own official SXSW showcases, collaborating with the likes of Murs and Gangsta Boo from Three 6 Mafia to performing on the Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Tour and recording multiple albums with Grammy Nominated producer Jesse Shatkin.

While many of Kosha Dillz past songs like What I do all day feature a more user friendly hip hop approach, the song brings out a more serious side while debuting the tone of his new project.
The chorus alone suits the frustration yet confidence of the artist.

“Lotta Haters tryna’ bring me down its a long road I tell you I’m a see em around, front desk in my head at the lost and found going back n forth and back n forth and…
Ya secretary said you just checked out
made a couple bucks and you wanna see me now?
I’ll tell you my availability when Im in town going back n forth and back n forth and…”

Kosha Dillz is currently on all of Vans Warped Tour until August 5th, playing everywhere from Full Sail University to the Journey’s Right Foot Stage. His upcoming Nobody Cares Except You tour begins in October with dates and tickets going on sale mid august.

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