so im in the czech republic at hip hop kemp

you can only imagine how much fun i am having. Lots of beautiful women, rapping, many languages countries..from greece, slovakia, poland and germany to france UK and Italy, all are here to enjoy some great hip hop.

I am having a blast and also trying to stay physically in shape. my brother also had a new baby boy so Im excited to announce I am a uncle again.

Can you imagine people who drink themselves to oblivion of third world countries, that is eastern europe for ya!!
sik. But im with some awesome ladies form ohio state, bekay and el gant form NYC and got to link with elzhi and chal2na, and me and phat kat from detroit have the same birthday.

mazel tov to my bro, and yeah..ill be rapping with freeway in paris too so stay tuned for that next week!

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