hip hop kemp recap

ohhh man…did I sleep when I got home..you can only tell that there are a list of things I want to tell you…

today is my b day and Im tired..I want to hit you with like a list of stuff that was awesome. ready ? I hope so.

1. beer- this is something everyone drinks. all the time..everywhere.

2. crowns- 20 of them equal a us dollar…if youre lucky. People dont have lots of them. you ]fight witha cab driver for 50 crowns…it sounds like alot..hbut itsd really in between 2 and 3 dollars..how petty!

3. Camp- the definition of hip hop kemp..is hip hop camp…people camp out..

4. Italians and Germans have way more money then people from slovakia and czech republic…not on purpose…there is just no money in the eastern european area.

5. Best manager- Black Milk’s No one I know uses hate in a more positive way to get laughs.

6. Best come on line from solvenian woman to me

Soooo do you do Be-low? aka…do you do blow..which is coke…ummm no thank you!

7. Language barriers?-
italians with czech republic vs austria and austrailians..i mean i dunno..lots of countries

8. Most interviews in various countries in one day. Italy, UK, Croatia, Czech Rep., Poland, Germany, Hungary, and more…

9. the freestyle session really was meant to be an after paqrt by El Da Sensai and the returners..FYI…it was jhijacked by default hennesy and massive amounts of beer frank by locals..

10. the price for getting great footage is gettin your camera stolen. note the more money you make..the more chances people know..the more chances they dont feel like robbing a favorite rapper of thiers over seas.

aka….my 80 dollar camera was stolen right in front of me by the people who filmed me.

now i will fall asleep for my b day with my jet lag…
but..enjoy my pic and me side pic of me on a “summer jam” screen

extra credit- Most professional group.-B.O.B

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