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Here I am

O I spend countless night staring at this computer which is so damn old Currently, I am looking for new inspiration for my album “Kronobiggy: life chronicles.” MAybe college graduation can cut it but I don’t think that is to real of a topic for hip-hop. For all those who don’t know, kosha dillz began his life as “kronobiggy” when he set foot into the viscious chatrooms of AOL before kosher dill evolved into the real thing at bragginrites in novemebr at 98…True story! I found myself making up my own words and here it is….now after current street credit…we slanguicized kosher dill into kosha dillz…straight out the jar! Since dial up connection in my parents house runs rampant 24 hours a day…I wonder if lots of my patience comes from dial-up…if we all had dial-up..we might be more patient as artists….give the fact that i wait 40 minutes to hear your beat, as yall only wait 3 minutes….there it is…I cna write a song about my dial-up connection while I wait to hear a decent beat 40 minutes away…Its almost liek the tape cassette deck of computers. I remember when I got my first car cd player…in the ford taurus….another source of inspiration for my album…my 95 hand me down ford taurus in metallic maroon…I never took was more of a spiritual journey in that puppy… well actually more liek an illegal spiritual journey that was realized after all illegality stopped!!! haahahah and so the kronobiggy life chronicle proceeds….hip hop is in a jar of kosha dillz infront of the dial-up computer…

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