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so at 10 in the morning which is quite early to see me up…today I am wondering what time I will leave for the graduation tour. The more eeimportant part is that I will have to ge tback here with few hours sleep throughout the night back form baltimore. The worst part about that is not me being tired, faling asleep on the road crashing and dying, but rather driving with C Rayz Walz as he snores for hours straight. Sur,e you figure big superstars must get his their before they comes to the show in their kng size bed with feathered pillows? No. Not C rayz. He only snores with greasy flem build up through out the car rides down to these shows we play. He also looks at you while he is sleeping in a sense of keeping a conversation but he is really not. He is really sleeping with his eyes open, telling you he likes your songs, and starts twitching. He is somewhere in nYC —-I am sure he will get in contact soon…ahhh …(hours later)…..and so he reappears…the retunr of c rayz walz..now i gotta walk my dog…pick up tame one form the fucking metuchen trainstation..and have C rayz limo service get mapques to my crib….you figure thi sis all fun…but in reality I cant wait till the shwos are over!! SO rule of thumb..when one feels down..let go of everything..just be…and eat a everything (bagel with cream cheese–haha!!)

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