DIY DILLZ – 8 ways you can free yourself just like Passover

As passover is happening, and I curated MAtzahchella in the desert, maybe there are things you are thinking about during your passover (or friends who celebrate it in the music game) that can help you get out of the slavery which ties you down. For those who are not aware, there were 10 plagues cast against the master of slavery (The pharoah of Egypt) and it all seems to similar to my life right now in music.

The story of the Exodus is very similar to our beliefs that have warped us into negativity, and in this symbolic 8 days and nights,, I wrote about 8 things below to help you in your own personal exodus from whatever is enslaving you. Don’t worry. The things I write below are also for myself, so I can imagine that if it can help me, it can help us all.

1. Use the Phone. 1 hr less. a day – Imagine if I used it 1 hour less a day. What would I do in this hour. 30 minutes could be running, or exercising. 30 minutes could be writing. I could be recording. I could be having personal time. Would the entire world stop? Probably not. I have developed an an addiction to it.

2. Use the pen more. Life has become so digital we must retreat to the analog. Google Docs and everything make it similar, but I drfit from them to my pure addiction of the internet, and I feel better

3. Wake Up Earlier: Trying not to be a slave to the tempurpedic (how do you spell that?) mattress. The older you get the less the alarm clock sets for school Get up and get your day going 🙂 Try 8 am like

4. Set Goals: I’ll keep it real with you. People try not to let other people know what they are up to. Problem is I spend more time not trying to let others know my plans than to actually make solid plans and stick to them and share my goals with others. I need goals or I die within myself!

5. Keep pushing – It is pretty obvious that success doesn’t come from giving up. Keep pushing is a simple reminder that if you get pushed down or or THEY resist you (THEY has in DJ KHALED’s THEY) The concpet of the 10 plagues is that Moses hit the Egyptians with all kinds of horrible plagues to free the Jews from slavery , and on the 10th plague, they finally got a pass.

6. Stop Complaining – A big part of my day can be spent complaining about why I am not on coachella or Bonnaroo or why Im not headlining tours with 500 seaters. I might not even be talking to people! I might just be in my head. This personal slavery is the fu$King Worst! get off instagram, stop trolling people and make music and get on your hustle.

7. Humble Yourself – this can be you going to get a job when you aren’t making money off your music or mgmt, and as simple as cold calling and street performing (busking) if you are a touring artist not on tour. Do not stop! When you are standing still you die.

8 WORK OUT – Let us all be honest. Your time as a high school athlete is gone, and you are fighting the resistance of internet vs depression vs bad choices vs lack off success. GET UP and work out and attack the gym work out hard and stay focused and scream at yourself when you obsess over bullshit. Don’t let the world swallow yoU!!

Well there you have it. These are 8 ways I stay dedicated to the 8 days of Passover aka the Exodus. Music industry is a bastard and sometimes gets us when we are down to keep us down further. Don’t give up hope and in fact step it up even more to make sure you are in control of your destiny.

Kosha Dillz is a rapper who attempts to make jewish things cool and brought a passover seder to Coachella. It was so cool it made the cover of the LA DAILY News, Billboard, Consequence of Sound, and Yahoo Music. His upcoming album What I do All Day and Pickle coms out July 8th features Matisyahu, Flynt Flossy, and other cool people. You can pre-order it here to help him hit the charts on Billboard.

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