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Tour Blog 6 : A Highspeed chase to DC tonight from jacksonville Oregon

Its been quite the journey. After ding my laundry for the first time in a while ( I usually hire the laundry service due to time) I was all ready to go to the airport and I saw a car fly by me along with a helicopter. Got to say that it was pretty cool to see my first high speed chase.

check it out here

Flying to DC today with a huge knot in my throat. LAst night in Jacksonville Oregon, I kicked some dope raps and even got to hang with Eric from Rebelution. My boy Aleck Woogmaster came through to pick me up, help out in the hustle and work . THe vibe of the city is great. If I could live in a small city  would. manasquan NJ is very similar

To my dismay…he was wearing the everything is kosha tee shirt on stage!! I was like OH MY. I wonder if people really got to peep that? It was amazing.  A lot people were probably looking at the shirt like dang!! Where can I get that???


Its nice to have people show you love when you least expect it. Its nice that I am actually making an impact on people when I am not looking.


Im about to head on this flight an dI am infamous fo rmissing flights, so I gotta cut this one short. I will let you know though, that I am headed to Vegas and all I want to do is have a nice ice cream , soda,  lay out by apool and gamble nbickel slots like a mad man. When iu was last on drugs in vegas 9 years ago, I played $100 dollar hands of War. I can’t say it was one of my birghtest ideas.


I met a girl and guy who got into the show through the fence. The girl just had hearing implants put in and was first able to hear music …last night. I gavce her a tank top and music and It really made me realize why I do this. TO have a moment like this….to help someone hear for the first time, is beautiful.


ok…taking off!!


see you iN DC tonight!

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