rockford illinois was wild too..did we say that?

yeah man I cant forget that I almost crashed…(but reluctantly parked) at a rest stop…to rest.
The show was thrown by the homie Black lung
who is an upcoming character that looks the part and can actually portray it…he works hard…i like that..and im bringing him to minneapolis

so anyways…we played at a n ex strip club and although you took the poles could not take the dancers away..the owner was Jewish and gave me many conparisons to Matisyahu when rocking the joint. THe crowd was intoxicated to the point where I drew comparisons to Nennah Wisconsin, a town where a girl drover her car into a ditch and proceeded to tell me and roebus she wold…(when we tried to help her)
so anyways…wat a fun time and …thank you for the love at the show…and the great game of mortal combat at DJ Busy ONe’s house.

man im tired..ut I had o blog tis for the people so you can see how awesome the camera guy enjoyed my show!
(don get dizzy while watching!)
big uo covert empire on the video work
xo kosha

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