Bekay video- Remember -Holocaust Tribute Music Video

I am on a kick of my Judaism ever since I named myself Kosha Dillz (2005) with DJ MONDEE

So this past summer i had the please of heading to Europe with a crazy kid named Bekay who has been in the underground scene for more since I can remember. One of the original hardcore Jewish rappers I looked at including Ill Bill. his fan-base could include white tattooed crazy drunk animals and most care less about religion. His stage show has people well aware of his words and he even recorded the last song ever with Ol Dirty bastard. rated as one of the most classic emcees of time

the best thing about him is that his crossover appeal is now tapping into his Jewish roots and bringing it out into the real hip hop world who lets say, might not be so happy go lucky about the Jews and Israel.
Although this video represents dope hip hop, the best thing about it is that people who would never watch anything related to the HOlocaust can now “remember” when watching the track.

Very proud to show you this video/mini movie. Shout to Deer Studios in the czech republic.

please spread it to a person and show it to their friends too. Show it to hebrew schools, jews, christians, blacks…muslims..anyone and everyone.


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