Blog – Opened for Nas Last night – day 1 x 2 SXSW

Could you believe that a man like me would open for Mr. Nasir Jones? Believe it. Thanks to the good folk at MRY, a killer tech company who throws the sickest parties in the world, I got the chance to open up for Nas. Sotry has it that earlier in the day I was at brunch with the fat jew.
I went with my girls before that for breakfast at state farm insurance and snagged 5 car USB chargers. After I roamed streets and did the convnetion center and met people from japan and met various people who wanted to come to the show but didn’t 🙁

It was such a great time that I realize I only enjoy things now that are happening
when they are done and I have the media from them. Oh gosh being a millennial and turning things around is so amazing.
Mind you the venue was shut down by the fire marshall and the entire place evacuated it’d be epic to say my first night of SXSW performance was too rare. Keep me posted if you are out here and wanna get together. I can’t explain how much fun I am having but I will have vlogs and pictures of all kinda of crazy things that will make it to the blogosphere.

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