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Fresh back from Poland – an awesome trip with unexplainable moments…

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I travelled to Krakow to perform at an event called Ride for the Living, which wasn’t a performance. It was more like a moment with 150 people who decided to ride their bikes 55 miles from Auschwitz to Krakow If there is a way to explain what it is like to travel where the Jews once walked to survive with our bikes, I couldn’t explain it in a more monumental way.

When I performed, I realize that the music is not just for me but for everyone. THe amount of people lined up outside the door have never been in line for me to hear music. I never thought I would be in Eastern Europe, from standing in line at local mics in NYC to moving to LA to more places to perform in the world that would never even see a family member of mine yet alone multiple holocaust survivors attending my concert.

“You must be open for the world to take you where it wants you to be. I am grateful that it is taking me to these places I never thought I would once see. ” – Kosha Dillz.

We all live in the yellow submarine! the yellow submarine…the yellow submarine… (Polish Beatles cover)

I’d say that these aren’t the most accurate notes and lyrics for the song “yellow submarine” but
it was one of the most pleasant experiences to have.

love yall.

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