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JEWS IN ARLINGTON CEMETARY (rapper friends tour DC)

What an amazing place I must say. the Arlington cemetery brought myself and DJ Vallis to remembrance of his fallen comrades in a miles and miles of tombstones. I realized that as a “Cohen” i should not be there.”

so lets think that my brother Eilon told me I had to bounce (Cohen are forbidden to walk in cemetery. Once a Cohen dies there is a special area for them because they are high priests) I went out of respect for my DJ who is a 5 time veteran. this is just something ill you have to do…but before that we even seen girl Jews up in Arlington. Story has it that even loved ones who bore the trife of being with their fighters also get respect. As part of the 4Th of July, lets remember that Jews stood up for the America that we live in today. I am proud to be an American by the way. I know that’s a controversial hip hop topic.

Let me explain to you how my boy is the #2 hip hop artist in Israel and still has to live in a flat and ride scooter. Gas prices overseas are 7 dollars plus. Freedom of Speech is here and great jobs and education are all over the place. Carpe Diem.
Shout out to Ruth and Howard, and all other pees who have family who fought int he wars of America that gave us this wonderful place called NJ I live in. You guys rule!!

PS./ If you are wondering what the little black and white plastic behind the tombstones is…
those are the recently deceased people who fought for our country and received temporary name plates before their tombstones arrive. After seeing rows and rows of people just buried that same day and the days before…”

i checked out that spot with the quickness and sadness

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