New Music Video for Chaverim – WATCH HERE! (HEBREW SONG)

My first song in Hebrew.

Stream it here.

About the song and its origin.

I wrote this song when I was mentally unstable in Israel after hopping off medication abruptly in 2019 after moving to Israel. I knew that one day I’d need some friends to lean on and more for the situation I was put myself in ( notice I wasn’t in it…I put myself there!) I felt that I should learn how to rap in another language (very difficult) in a resentment towards someone who would never know what I was saying! (crazy right? My daly life in Israel was scootering to Ulpan Gordon for all day leanring. I connected with my friend Or and would walk to his place from Jaffa talking to my old friend who said to lean on friends…but the honest truth was that I was pretty alone out there yet obsessed with the idea of living there since my whole family lived there…EXCEPT ME! hence the life of growing up Israeli-American.

“Kol ha Chaverim sheli….efo kol ha chaverim sheli??”
Where are my friends? Where are all my friends?

I think we can all relate to that, even at different points of our lives how it resonates later on. I performed it for the first time in Park City Utah in 2020 right before the Pandemic, and now I have the privilege of releasing it 3 years later. Sadly, one of my best friends from out there recently passed away to an overdose, so I dedicate this one to my friend Derek.

ps. It isn’t perfect Hebrew, but I deserve to try and I am certainly the only one rapping in Hebrew like this.

If you need help, pick up the phone and call someone. It is never late to get back in touch. Looking forward to releasing more songs in Hebrew. ( i have a few recorded from this time.)

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