I bet you wish you were there.-scifentology II tour

yeah this tour was quite crazy. It is fresh to know you just toured with someone who has been featured on MTV2. Yak Ballz has that is! Yeah. Anyways the west coast is super ill and i gained mucho fans, especially in Indio California at La Estancia. i stayed on a killer couch man. I actually met that fool Erasmo in San Antonio at the Count Bass D show with Scooba Gooding Jr. anyways. This was really cool and sometime they report yak Ballz being Jewish although he is of Iranian Descent. I think that’s dope since like our countries are gonna go to war and we still go out for bagels sometimes and talk about being rap superstars.


qucik quiz though…

Michael Jew-rdan
Nike- Just jew it

who is that a Jewformation of?

answer below…

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