proud to be proud Israeli- tour blog 4

you know I realize that by being in another country there are just different things in comparison to NY. ONe in hip hop, it seems I am surrounded by what I call anti-Israel/anti-semitic areas in general. I would never say this if I feel threatened or not..its simply out, people snarl when they see my star here multiple times and its been since the first hours i have gotten here.

maybe as my old self I would look to get angry. Being the news center of the world ( i realzie that London press is possibly more powerful then the US) they cater to the majority of their area.

See everything revolves around the money. bu when i sti down and realize that certain people want to take action against me just for being israeli..I laugh to myself and think
well my pops would want me to fight..I think…I want a place to stay (outside of jail..been there .rather not go back)

and I’d like to educate people on somethings..

1. Israel, although the news shows the contrary, is a democratic state with lots of nice cars, and ice cream shops, and booming businesses..and yes to your dismay, you will nto blow up.

2. if you are muslim, and you walk in the country, you do not get frisked more or hassled by soldiers at checkpoints.

3. You dont have to run away from me, i will not shoot you. and you dont have to thorw rocks.

4. Hummus is used excessivley and does not contain the blood of your children. (haha- just a joke guys)

In other words…this goes back to our parents famous saying..”dont believe everything you see oin the news/TV”

reporters report from one area, and a lot of news is staged…I have even seen it with my own eyes..

so anyways…I feel I have to state that because lots of peope who bought my cd are of darker skin than I am and lots of people who were “anti” me after my performance were of both skin colors..but non the less I gained alot of fans. What does it all mean?

My goal here in UK is that when people ask me questions, I can answer them in a logical way and point them to more information. check this out. it give you mucho info. if you want to know about my music, I can give you info. if you want a cd, I can give you info.


As a counselor I know that i get frustrated with clients on occasion.
You want them to know certain things, but as addicts and alcoholics, they are trained in doing the wrong thing because they have been doing it for so takes time patience and the right guidance, day after day, to change.

but I can never hate or dislike people who have been given the wrong information. Our job is to re-educate the hate and bias in a logical way, for violence and anger never solved much. For now, as my boy SHI 360 says, be a “Nice guy”. It has always worked for me.
On another note, back to rapping on this tour…
off to somewhere in london tonight with the fresh raps and should havea show with AKil the MC from Jurassic 5…could be exciting!!

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