im recording my new album

hey everyone i want yall to know what I’m doing right now. Im recording my new album. I guess there can be lots to say about it and not lots to say. Its quite deep than the “beverly Dillz” project. i plan, if its up to me to incorporate lots of my childhood, inner emotional distress, , self confidence issues, ego, and all kinds of toasty stuff that’ll ya go “hmmm…”

I am using the analogy of the garage sale after I recently had one and sort of put myself for sale. I ask you the question, if you had to sell yourself, and get rid of you, how would you do it? WOuld you kill yourself? Would you go away forever?

I deal with my problems differently, and i have the Garage Sale. its a inner cleaning of the inside, but capitalizing on the stguff you put out there while you get rid of it, for I am still to proud (ego) to not give it away for FREE.

its a interesting concept, the garage sale. Im hoping the album is great.

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