a kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform that raises money from pledges online.

you go to the site, see what I am doing, and read the story line , background, and more.

For me, I am creating a film because I have difficulty communicating all my great successes, failures and experiences. I need something that is done so proper and real that people can understand why I should be at the forefront of music and creative enterprise. For that reason I need to raise a minimum of $8000.

Watch my kickstarter and see how I have already made history for the Jewish people within black culture. Watch how I have defeated my addiction. Watch how I can entertain you with my travels. Watch how you can help me along the way, and join me on my journey, artistically and spiritually and possibly even physically!

Its not so serious though. its quite comical. I need to be comedic, because no one can take Kosha Dillz that seriously.

I am making this film because I have not been able to deliver my true thoughts via audio and visual clips. The full story must be told.

Kosha Dillz is Everywhere: The Hustle to Happiness!

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