sxsw #2 blog tip – every person counts

so after a crazy night its 547 am. i might as well get some writing before my brain stops, and i can tell my body is getting weak.
Tonight i played two shows. One was at @crossfitcentral , where I got to play the stage and speak with my brother along with web smith and jeremy thiel, who brough in gary vaynerchuck of to rock n roll on his new book thank you economy. This is the guy who i bumrushed for sxswi last year with flex mathews and we got to see him on a small scale approacch. How amazing it was (shout to aleesa who got it on video)

after this me and aleesa went to red 7 where we went competely bonkers for the show. it was “that internet party” and I met some really cool people. made lots of new fans and tweeted a bunch of new friends. Any time someone said it was a good show i embraced them IN usual i tried to sell them something, I didn’t this time. in face i engaged more and sparked conversations fo thius time is a time to get press I met a writer from huffington post who might cover me and that was all i needed to make myself smile.

Later tonight though (30 min ago..around 5 am, i twitter searched my name “kosha dillz” and seena girl say “kosha dillz is defintley not killing it right”
I sweated my butt off so it was unfortunate someone didn’t say i was killing it. I responded back and said hopefully next time:) 2nd chance?

Every person counts even her. 50 peple said they loved it, i thanked them too.
I also met some cool bloggers and my publicist was really happy about my show.
As i walked down the street, i passrd out fliers and took the time to talk to some people. we wen t out and figured that i td nbe a great idea to chill out and meet some people that could actually help out a bit. I met heads, rapped on camera for them and said please upload this to twitter/facebook/youtube.

In other worlds I am hanging with Aleesa. sharing our thoughts on moving. I bought the white arrows cd last night for 4 bucks and I also linked with my publicisto in manifesto Mairin “ya” Heard. i am appreciative that all fo her friends come out and support me and she really cares. That proves big business.

word to big bird. I cant wait to link with JJ, matt and the rest of the gang.

Gratitude is the atitude

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