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Brewed Awakening–wake up and smell the KOSHA

Wake Up and smell the coffee yall. Kosha Dillz hit a Brewed Awakening. This is the spot to hit on main street if you are in metuchen NJ. I’m sure you guys are all Starbucks shotted out but this time its really going down. I know you’re wondering about the bang bang that must be on the menu but let me tell you danishes and mocha’s are good enough of a reason to roll in. After I boycotted the bagel dish for their bad service and 3 dollar plus everything bagel with cream cheeses’
but how can you complain about this place…not only do they have a fine ol menu of the bomb diggy omelets…but you can also get a $25 dollar voucher for the eats next door by taking a survey. With the Internet that is free, you are able to get three to four days of good comfortable work. Thats right yall. Brewed Awakening is putting all your corny coffee shops to shame. If you are an artist on tour…well …come see it..Its famous. Even Yak Ballz who recently appeared on MTV2 and the Paid Dues Festival has eaten there and sipped some of their java.
To top it all off…
you can finish most of the mocha and bring it back to your crib to microwave up while you tell all your friends how bomb diggy dilly this place is, while bumping kosha dillz on your myspace …yeah!
oh it tastes so good…oh it tastes so hood

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