New song – 13 reasons to Live (h2the remix) ft. Melinda Ortner

Here is the lyric video to the song 13 reasons to live. It was one of the hardest songs I had to write.
It features Melinda Ortner and also production and remix work from h2the aka Diwon. The song is a stand along track.

You can also stream it on Soundcloud and youtube.

The shocking suicides this week of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade highlight the increasing crisis surrounding mental health, the lack of resources to address it, and the stigma and isolation that come with it.

The crisis doesn’t just impact suicide rates (which have increased by over 25%), it plays out in other areas such the most recent High School shooting, this time in Texas. It’s nothing new says Mendi Baron, LCSW a teen expert with, “Today Teens find themselves running for their lives.. or taking their own..often publicly ..the result of of Mental Health issues gone grossly unchecked and a system not prepared to deal with it”.

The stigma and struggle Teens faced is mirrored by that of their adult counterparts. Around the time of Season One of 13 Reasons Why, the world found out about the suicides of Chester Bennington of “Linking Park”; Prince, and Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden, with the struggle taking lives. With media and technology at the forefront of this generation, Youth have turned to the media to process issues, for better and worse. On T.V the dialogue is driven by13Reasons Why, the hit Netflix show that Selena Gomez dreamt of making 10 years ago aired.

While the world is talking, the ’13 Reasons To Live’ remix highlights Kosha Dillz’ struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction to the fore. The message and the music, much like the show, seeks to inspire and help others. Dillz’s rhymes dig deep, into his soul and his past, over an infectious 80s synth hip hop beat by h2the (Diwon’s latest reincarnation), which samples the music from the 13 Reasons Why theme song by Eskmo. The number 13 also has a deeper meaning for Kosha, as it represents the number of years since his Sober birthday.

The chorus of ’13 Reasons To Live’ is accompanied by London based singer Melinda Ortner, who herself struggles back and forth with the desire to live. “Sometimes when I turn the lights i go to sleep off I don’t wanna wake up, Life’s a F#$Ked up relationship and we can’t break up… just you and me and guess what I got no place to go, its your fault I want you to know, maybe one day you’ll wake up.”

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