I cried tonight. Thinking about The War

My Name is Rami Matan Even-Esh. You might know me as Kosha Dillz. My family has fought in every war of Israel’s existence. 1948 my grandfather, in 1967 the 6 day war and 1973 Yom kippur War. My Mother as well. My Brother was in Lebanon training Bomb Sniffing dogs to fight the Hezbollah. If my family is guilty of surviving in our homeland, that the UN decided to give to the Jewish People, my parents would have never been able to create the amazing family we have today. I think it is time we stop commenting on what belongs to us and them, them and Us, but rather see what we could do together.

After this conflict, there will be no peace talks or decisions to give land to anyone. Israel is not going to magically give back anything and settlers who think it is their divine right to live in Judaea and Samaria will not magically stop being where they are living. In fact, it has only stirred up more anti-semitism across the globe   by people  who live great lives in Europe and America, as seen in their protest marches. This is not productive for peace. The anti-Israel marches have become anti-semitic marches.

The main purpose of this war was to destroy Hamas, that called for the eradication of Israel and its people from “the river to the sea.” Unfortunately,the $$ involved in propaganda and children deaths continuously recycle while the real people responsible for war are not even there. (Hamas’ leader is in Qatar) Innocent people die on both sides, and America has created a financial interest in a place that existed way before America itself.

I cry for every innocent person and baby who does not have the chance to grow up. I cry for everyone who is taught hate. I cry for every soldier lost a life, who would love our music but will never know it, but I do not get to walk and fight within their own combat boots. I only get to reap the benefits my people have fought for.

We still have a house in Israel today and my family lives all though out the land of Israel. I welcome you to my house in Israel any moment for my mother to cook you the best shnitzel and would love to show you around our beautiful town , Qiryat Tivon. My father has a great friend from Egypt. I have a friend named Rami, who is Muslim. I love to call out to him “Rami! ” and he also responds to me in this manner. We talk about girls and thai food and dieting recovery from the disease of addiction. We focus on our similarities.

I am grateful for patience and acceptance of the situation. I know that love doesn’t conquer all, but at least it changes minds one by one, and for me that is good enough. I hope Hamas will be ousted from Palestinian govt, and a more moderate ruler can change the image  Gaza has that Israel judges it for .

We  as a country should not be held responsible  for the deaths of others for survival our own state.  This does not mean we shouldn’t mourn the innocent.

Thank you for reading, and take a moment to reflect when you can. If this made one of you think differently about humanity, I hope it will have you care for more issues as there are so many more that need our attention.

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